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You are welcome to the official website of the School of Nursing, Egbe.

To train Christian who are highly respected, disciplined and dedicated and who will be able to serve in different parts of Nigeria and beyond in Government and private establishments
To promote quality nursing through nursing education and research


ALICE OLUKEMI ZAKARI, The current principal of the school is a pioneering student of the second generation and the fourth principal of ECWA school of Nursing, Egbe, Kogi State.

School PrincipalAlice Olukemi Zakari is a great ambassador of the school.

The current principal of the school, with sound knowledge of the principles and the spirit that inspire the establishment of this great institution, with outstanding commitment to the same having being with this great institution for 23 years, from the inception as a student from 1992 and as a staff from 1997 till date.

Alice, until her present promotion and appointment as the principal of the school served as the Dean of student affair of this college, a position granted on the platform of hard work, merit and most of all the Grace and mercy of the Almighty God.

I, Alice have the distinct privilege to lead a group of talented individuals who oversee the planning and implementation of curricular and co-curricular activities to make the student experience at ECWA school of Nursing Egbe memorable by providing relevant and experiential learning opportunities.

ECWA school of Nursing, Egbe is known for its dedicated faculty who have the expertise and knowledge to best prepare students for a nursing career not only within, but also among other national and international health care team/ managers.

The school program provides ample opportunity for interested students.

The principal, is a child of God, a dedicated mother and a Christian leader in the community, implores students to imbibe Christian teachings, values and discipline in the pursuit of their academic career while in the college  and throughout their journey in life.

Please feel free to explore our website for further information. Our dedicated team of faculty, staff, and administrators are ready to help you to be the best in your choosing career.

If you have any questions, contact us and we will be glad to guide you on your journey.


Best wishes in your academic pursuits!



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